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Sir william rooster

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little flower - New Single  

Out Now

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Berlin, Deutschland



ElectroPop, Cloudrock, NewProg, Indie


years active//







You Are Fake

Remember ME

Digital Hype Machine

the art of being alive



"What I mean to say is that Rooster has a style completely his own. Drawing from more influences than can be counted, the mean is clearly a student of music and has no qualms pushing the limits."

Allmetaleverthing - Musicblog

“This song is about people being fake in all kind of life situation. The video tells the story about plastic pollution and the hype behind it.” Fake it till you profoundly cause irreparable damage to the world. That’s it. That’s the ticket, said the man and woman who don’t care about the footprint we reside. We’re fake then for ignoring the signs, no? SWR is calling out the vanity and conflict with that assumption. And within all of us, we’re all, to a degree, very damningly guilty. So, what will you do about it? Let’s move forward and move our expectation past just 1 year. The future is decades forward. We all need to come together. Get into the industrial pop goodness of SWR.

comeherefloyd - Musicblog



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